The Energizing Effects of White Kratom

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Kratom, or Mitragyna speciosa, is a species of tree in the coffee family that is native to Southeast Asia. When the leaves are chewed, they can help people with stress, insomnia, and physical fatigue.  Kratom is split into three different varieties based on stem color: red, green, and white. Each strain of kratom has unique […]

The Best Kratom Dosage For Beginners

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One of the most common questions we hear from people interested in trying kratom is about the dosage. Kratom can be a really beneficial supplement for a lot of people, so it’s no wonder that people are curious. But without a handy dosage sheet like you would get on supplement bottles or the input of […]

Kratom Recipes To Try

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If you’ve ever done the kratom toss and wash method—one of the most popular ways to consume kratom powder. You may have quickly discovered that kratom’s flavor can leave something to be desired. Kratom’s earthy, slightly acrid taste can make it very difficult to eat on its own. This is why many people add it […]

What is the Best Kratom to Treat Insomnia?

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Anyone suffering from insomnia understands what a toll it can take on your day-to-day life. Apart from the sleepless nights, insomnia can also cause irritability, depression, daytime tiredness, anxiety, difficulty focusing, and an increased risk of making mistakes. When you have insomnia, you’ll give almost anything to get a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, sleeping pills […]