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From Tree to Tea: The Kratom Process

Write By: Shannon Hickie on

Cali Botanicals Kratom Hand picked leaves to make powder


While kratom leaves, or mitragyna speciosa, can be effective when chewed just as they are, there is quite a process involved in making sure the kratom you’re consuming is clean and of a high quality.

The leaves are first picked off from the kratom trees, most of which can be found in southeast Asian countries. Upon being carefully picked off, the leaves are then washed thoroughly. After being washed several times, kratom leaves get dried out to the point that they can be easily crushed in one’s hands. This is the beginning of the kratom powder process. Kratom powder comes from crushing up the dried leaves over and over again, until they’re to the point of being a sandy, powder consistency. The powder is what most people consume through tea or in pill form.

In order to make extract, however, the drying and crushing process is avoided. Kratom extract is made from boiling whole kratom leaves. Boiling the leaves creates a nice, brown resin that contains a very strong scent.

While fairly simple, the kratom process is essential to ensuring you receive a great quality product. In addition, we believe in being transparent with customers about where their kratom comes from and what goes into making it. So if you ever have any questions, we encourage and fully welcome them.

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