Buy Kratom Powder & Leaf Online

Buy Kratom Powder & Leaf Online

Buy Kratom Powder & Leaf Online. We offer the best in Kratom powder from a myriad of unique and reputable sources. Maeng Da, Bali, Thai Red, Borneo, Green Malay and many others - Cali Botanicals - Free Shipping!



Kratom Powder & Leaf
4.6/5 of 789 rating(s)
12 Gram Kratom Powder Samples

Try our high quality 12 Gram Kratom Powder Samples. Sourced directly from the farm, to test lab, to you for only with your choice of strain! This is a 12 gram sample of your choice.

We only provide the highest quality kratom powder…there’s a reason why we guarantee the quality of our products. 

We test our kratom for biological contaminants and heavy metals. This is something we take very seriously because we love kratom and want to make sure it’s safe for everyone to enjoy.

If you havent tried Cali Botanicals yet, this is your time. Are premium kratom is far superior than our competitors.

If you're looking for just a small amount or large quantities, and even kratom capsules, we are your source for your kratom needs. 

Borneo Yellow Vein Kratom

A very rare strain on the market, this powder is a mix between a Maeng Da, Green and Red Vein. As it does have energetic properties it also brings a sense of calmness to the table. This strain is probably on my top 3.

Borneo Yellow Vein Kratom
5/5 of 3 rating(s)
Buy Bali Kratom Powder Online

Bali Kratom Powder comes from remote plantation grown trees and is harvested in a conservationist manner in which the leaves are "selectively pruned". Furthermore we implement a strict and steady replanting schedule of  tree cuttings to ensure the future supply of this amazing herb.

The Bali strain’s analgesic and sedative alkaloids have helped thousands of people in search of a relaxing and pain relieving strain. Bali kratom was the standard for many years due to its potency and availability. Our Ultra Premium Bali powder is no exception and at it’s affordable price is one of the most cost effective strains.

An interesting note pertaining to Bali Kratom is that its name is not representative of its natural habitat. The strain is actually made as a classic hybrid mixture of the Borneo and Sumatra strains. It is believed the name was given because of the fact that Bali, Indonesia was the original shipping port for its exportation.

From the common 7-Hydroxymitragynine to Mitragynine, Speciogynine and 9-Hydroxycorynantheidine, this strain of Mitragyna Speciosa packs some powerful analgesic alkaloids for a thoroughly calming, relaxing, and mood-boosting aroma.

$ 8.00 $ 9.99
Cali's Best Premium Powder Mix
What can we say, this is a blend of a little of everything. This is a blend of White Bentuangie, Red Borneo and Green Maeng Da and Yellow Borneo Kratom powder strains. A little of our favorite kratom powders all in one. Bringing you Energy, and a great mood. Not sure? Give it a try and find out why we like it so much. 
Cali's Premium Special Reserve Kratom Powder
Our Special Reserve is an amazing blend of White Vein Borneo and Red Vein Thai Kratom premium powder. This blend finds that perfect balance between Red and White Kratom strains. Giving you a level mood  It may sound a little off-putting, but trying this for myself, I can see why it can become a great powder to choose for its innovation and being so diverse. 
Enhanced Red Vein

Our Enhanced Red Vein is a nice blend of our 30x extract mixed with our red vein. 

Enhanced Red Vein
5/5 of 5 rating(s)
$ 23.00 $ 39.99
Green Malay Kratom Powder

Green Malay Kratom is a little richer than our premium Bali leaf, this is equal in alkaloid content and purity of our Maeng Da strain. This strain is said to last longer than our great selling Bali Kratom, but that always depends from person to person. Our Green Malay Kratom is said to be uplifting yet gently relaxing and is sure to please any Kratom lover, new or seasoned.

Take advantage of what Green Malay can bring to your table and branch out a little further on the Kratom tree.

$ 7.00 $ 19.99
Kratom Powder Scale
This is by far our favorite scale to measure your powder accurately. I've started this company with this scale and still have it to this day. Even though we have improved our measuring proceedures and equipment, this scale will last you a long long time.
*Does Not Come AAA With Batteries. 
  • High-Precision & Wide Range: kitchen scale built with a high precision sensor system, weighs up to 3000g. Readings in units: g/ct/dwt/ozt/oz/gn. Note: Weight less than 3g may decrease the accuracy of the scale. Easy to clean and use, makes it an ideal weight device for accurate readings.
  • Superior Quality Materials: The Smart Digital Pocket Scale is crafted to be strong, accurate, fast, and user-friendly. Constructed with a high-quality stainless steel platform and ABS plastic frame, this digital kitchen scale is durable and easy to clean.
  • Smart Button Functions: The "PCS" function enables you pieces counting such as pins, beads, screws; The "T" function will provide a net weight; The "M" function helps you choose the proper unit. The switch time can be set to 60", 120" and 180". Besides, it can alert users for low battery power, overload, and uneven surface placement.
  • Stylish Design & Space Saver:  Compact size, takes up minimal space, makes it a pro pocket scale makes it easy for carrying. LCD display with blue backlight makes it available at night.
  • Multi-Functions: Built with a clear, blue back-lit, LCD screen, the powder scale can convert measurement results between in g, tl, oz, ct, and gn in seconds. which can be used as protectors or scale trays, Meet your demand for measuring different things.
$ 15.00
Kratom Sample Pack

This Kratom sample pack comes with 5 of our premium blends:
Thai Maeng Da (1oz)
Superior Red Dragon (1oz)
White Vein (1 oz)
Thai Red Vein (1oz)
Superior Green Malay (1oz)

$ 32.99
Maeng Da Private Reserve Kratom Powder

This is our Maeng Da private reserve Kratom fine crushed Kratom powder. Superior quality, and effects that last longer than your average strain. Very energizing and inspire an overall better sense of well-being. 

$ 8.00 $ 11.99
Netflix Red Premium Kratom Powder

This Red Vein is blended to create the perfect calm. This strain is a compilation of our Red Thai, Red Borneo, Superior Red Dragon, and Sumatra Red all in one.

$ 8.00 $ 10.99
New Customer Kratom Package Deal

For all the new customers out there we have a little something for you, so you can see what kind of quality Cali Botanical's is offering.

This package includes the folowing

1 ounce of Horned Leaf Kratom

1 ounce of Red Thai Kratom

1 ounce of Green Malay Kratom

1 ounce of Superior Red Dragon Kratom

20 Caps of our Private Reserve Maeng Da Kratom

$ 30.99 $ 40.99
Premium Horned Leaf Kratom Powder

This strain is quite popular and harvested in Borneo. Its leaves are emerald green and shiny. They have green veins and tiny “horns” on top. The strain is a natural blend of red and white veined kratom. Though green kratom strain is considered to be mild, it is still very potent. At Cali Botanicals Kratom online store, you can find all four strains at the best possible price!

$ 8.00 $ 15.99
Red Bali Kratom Powder

This is our Red Bali Kratom Powder, a hybrid of Red Vein Borneo and Bali Kratom. Gives off a great relaxing burn, the aroma is long lasting and is great for night time relaxation.

$ 8.00 $ 9.99
Red Kalimantan Kratom Powder

Red Kalimantan Kratom Powder is great relaxing strain. A nice strong aroma. Just as relaxing if not more than the Red Borneo. We have a very limited supply but will continue to import more as demand grows.







$ 8.00 $ 9.99
Red Private Reserve Kratom Powder (Red Maeng Da)

Don't let this being a red fool you. This Red Maeng Da Kratom gives off a great energy but on the other hand gives you a sense of well being and calmness. We have never had a strain quite like this and because of its great aroma we rate this our best strain yet!

Red Vein Borneo Kratom Powder

Red Vein Borneo is a very relaxing strain.  It brings a tad more energy than our Thai Red Vein, but both are very comparable.  Neither would go in the energetic category. Our very high quality Red Vein Borneo kratom has an extremely rich, dark reddish color to it.

$ 8.00 $ 10.99
Sumatra Red Kratom Powder

Sumatra Red Kratom Powder provides a clean burn. Best for concentration and work related tasks.

$ 8.00 $ 8.99
Super Enhanced Bali Kratom

Super Enhanced Bali Kratom, Super high quality, small amounts go a long way.

$ 26.99
Super Enhanced Maeng Da Kratom

That's right, Super Enhanced Maeng Da Kratom! A nice blend of our 30x Kratom extract mixed with our Private Reserve Maeng da Kratom . 

$ 25.99 $ 39.99
Superior Red Dragon Kratom Powder

Considered one of the more potent strains of Kratom on the market. Superior Red Dragon Kratom Powder Comes from a deep jungle plantation in Malaysia.

$ 8.00 $ 22.99
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