Buy Cali Botanicals Premium Kratom Blends

Buy Cali Botanicals Premium Kratom Blends

This is our blended kratom section where you will find more than one strain in these types of powder. You'll find nothing but premium blends like Bali, Maeng da, Superior Red Dragon and much more of fans favorites grouped in this area.

Make sure to review your experience with these blends if you have had the opportunity too.

Mediocre Red Strain Kratom Powder
Cali's "Mediocre Red" is a blend of red kratom that doesn't quite meet our standards for the top shelf selection.
Mediocre Green Strain Kratom Powder
Cali's "Mediocre Green," is adequate for novice users, or for those of you that just need to save some green! Still the normal spectrum of Green kratom, which bolsters user's energy and their moods.
Netflix Red Premium Kratom Powder

This Red Vein is blended to create the perfect calm. This strain is a compilation of our Red Thai, Red Borneo, Superior Red Dragon, and Sumatra Red all in one.

$ 8.00 $ 10.99
Cali's Best Premium Powder Mix
What can we say, this is a blend of a little of everything. This is a blend of White Bentuangie, Red Borneo and Green Maeng Da and Yellow Borneo Kratom powder strains. A little of our favorite kratom powders all in one. Bringing you Energy, and a great mood. Not sure? Give it a try and find out why we like it so much. 
Cali's Premium Special Reserve Kratom Powder
Our Special Reserve is an amazing blend of White Vein Borneo and Red Vein Thai Kratom premium powder. This blend finds that perfect balance between Red and White Kratom strains. Giving you a level mood  It may sound a little off-putting, but trying this for myself, I can see why it can become a great powder to choose for its innovation and being so diverse. 
Premium Green Mantra Kratom Powder
We have taken Green Bali and Private Reserve, blending them to perfection creating focus, mood and a nice kick of energy. Perfect for starting your day all the way up to midday. Its a perfect blend for those who like a better longer lasting powder.
White Lightning Kratom Powder

With this blend of our top shelf White vein Strains, you can take on any task in front of you. White Lightning kratom powder provides that extra boost of energy you need.

This kratom strain is for those who need the extra boost in the morning or midday. This White lightning kratom powder will have your back to get you through some long days. One of the most energetic kratom strains we have or even on the market.  

Cali Confetti Kratom Multi Mix

A celebration of relief. What do we use when celebrating? CONFETTI! 

Confetti is a mix of Red, White, and Green Kratom powder. The best of all strains in one!

Celebrate your kratom story with our new Confetti Blend of our best selling premium Kratom strains.

This is for someone who is trying to figure out what the next strain to try but not sure what

the next one should be.  We went ahead an made a big batch of what we like to call a Cali

Confetti Mix. This is all of our most popular kratom strains mixed into one. We have had some

trials with it and those customers seem to love it, so we are going to introduce it to the site!


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