Mediocre Kratom Sale

We have a few pallets of some decent kratom that we need to move. If you're trying to save money or lower your tolerance. This is would be a great deal for you.
Mediocre White Strain Kratom Powder
Our "Mediocre White," will satisfy most amateur or economically-driven consumers. White's offer "best of both worlds,"
Mediocre Red Strain Kratom Powder
Cali's "Mediocre Red" is a blend of red kratom that doesn't quite meet our standards for the top shelf selection.
Mediocre Green Strain Kratom Powder
Cali's "Mediocre Green," is adequate for novice users, or for those of you that just need to save some green! Still the normal spectrum of Green kratom, which bolsters user's energy and their moods.
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