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is kratom legal

Is Kratom Legal? An Essential Guide for Kratom Users

Cali B

Cali B

If you’re interested in alternative remedies, you’ve probably heard a lot about kratom lately. With all the controversy surrounding kratom, you may wonder if it’s legal.

You may have seen kratom around. It’s making appearances in stores across the United States. However, kratom – along with other alternative remedies – falls in a legal gray area.

To learn the answer to the question “Is kratom legal?”, read on.

Is Kratom Legal?

People use kratom for several reasons. However, retailers cannot legally sell it as a medicine or dietary supplement.

Furthermore, a statement issued by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says that it is illegal to sell kratom with misleading claims about its ability to treat or cure opioid addiction and withdrawal.

Still, it’s legal – as far as the federal government is concerned. However, the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is currently mulling over whether to label kratom as a Schedule I drug.

Schedule I drugs are illegal. Drugs on this list include cocaine, ecstasy, marijuana, heroin and LSD.

Recently, the FDA acted against two online retailers. The companies used websites and social media to make unproven claims about kratom.

Only companies that sell FDA-approved products can make these kinds of claims. At the behest of the FDA, one company changed its website and packaging wording.

The fancy word for kratom is Mitragyna speciose. It grows in several areas, including:

• Indonesia
• Malaysia
• New Guinea
• Papua
• Thailand

Kratom affects the opium receptors in the same way as morphine.

The compound has been around for hundreds of years. In Southeast Asia, consumers have used the product with no trouble. In the mid-50s, however, the government in that region also started to grapple with whether to allow kratom to remain legal.

Is Kratom Legal in Canada?

The kratom industry is experiencing a similar legal tug-of-war in Canada. There, officials seized unauthorized kratom goods from two local smoke shops. For now, Canadian health officials are working with the Canada Border Services Agency to stop it from entering the country.

In Canada, kratom has the same murky existence as it does in the United States. According to Canadian law, the substance is unauthorized for sale is a consumable good. If, for example, a store sells it as an edible plant, the owner can face criminal prosecution.

However, consumers buy kratom easily in Canada. As long as retailers don’t market it as a consumable good, the sale of kratom is allowed by the government.

Consumers can legally buy kratom as a powder or a full leaf. They can also purchase the stems of the plant.

Canadian retailers market it as an incense or aromatherapy ingredient. In this way, they can make kratom available to the public.

Some Canadian researchers worry that the government will eventually ban kratom. If so, lament researchers, it will slow research and development regarding the benefits of kratom.

Canadian scientists want more time to study the compound. They believe that there is not yet enough evidence to support a decision about the drug and its effect on people’s health.

What States Is Kratom Legal In?

Of course, if you’re considering trying kratom, it’s a good idea to know the answer to the question, “Is kratom illegal?”

In the United States, the federal government says that kratom is legal. However, many states have banned its use.

Other states are considering banning kratom. Still, it’s legal in most states.

As of 2016, officials consider kratom a Schedule I substance in Alabama. Arkansas officials also banned kratom that year.

Kratom is illegal in the entire state of California, except for San Diego. There, a local ordinance makes kratom legal. It’s also illegal in the whole state of Florida, except for Sarasota County.

Kratom is also illegal in Illinois, except for Jerseyville. It’s also unlawful for retailers to sell kratom to adults under the age of 18 in the state.

Indiana legislators consider kratom a synthetic drug. Therefore, it’s illegal there. In New Hampshire, however, adults over the age of 18 can consume kratom legally.

In Tennessee, legislators consider kratom a controlled dangerous substance, and it’s illegal in the state. In Wisconsin, however, lawmakers consider the primary alkaloids of kratom a Schedule I drug. As a result, the consumption of kratom is illegal in Wisconsin.

As with cannabis, there are opposing sides of the legal debate over kratom. Legislators worry about the addictive properties of kratom, while supporters argue that it can benefit public health.

The laws regarding kratom may change at any time. Therefore, it may serve you well to ask, “Is kratom still legal?” occasionally.

This way, you can avoid breaking the law in your state if the rules change. You can search online for the words “What states is kratom legal in?” for the latest updates.

Is It Legal for Employers to Test for Kratom?

Across the United States, employers can test job applicants for illegal substances. However, employers must inform applicants of the test in advance. They must also comply with procedures to prevent discrimination and testing inaccuracies.

If you’re applying for a new job, the law requires that an employer tells you about any drug testing ahead of time. Today, most companies do drug testing. If you’ve already applied for a job and the employer asks you to do a drug test during the interview process, your only option is to take the test or bypass the job.

Choose a Trusted Source for Your Kratom Needs

Now you have a little more insight into the answer to the question, “Is kratom legal? It’s hard to tell what will happen with kratom in the future.

For instance, who would think that the government would seriously consider making a drug like cannabis legal after so many years? Yet, here we are.

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