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Kratom Certificate Of Analysis

Kratom Certificate Of Analysis: How It Enhances The Brand Authority?

Cali B

Cali B

Kratom has started becoming an increasingly popular herbal product these days. It is listed among the few top-consumed herbs around the world. This is why its demand is on the rise. Thousands of smoke shops, gas filling stations, bars, head shops, and online vendors have started selling this botanical.

As a result, the chances of being scammed become high. Therefore, you need to be careful when purchasing your favorite Kratom strains. This is where a Kratom certificate of analysis comes in. Let’s get a bit deeper into the specifics.

Kratom Certificate Of Analysis: What Precisely Is It?

Well, it is a document that displays the final result of the lab test performed to check for the safety and purity of a Kratom product. All reputable brands believe in continuously checking their Kratom batches, which is why they send the complete stock to independent laboratories to determine its credibility.

As a Speciosa user, you can look at the certificate of analysis to understand how potent, pure, and safe a product is. In other words, this certificate makes your purchase trustworthy. If a seller fails to show you a certificate of analysis at the time of purchase, please avoid making your purchases from such sellers. It will prevent you from buying impure, outdated, or contaminated stuff.

How Does A Kratom Certificate Of Analysis Increase Brand’s Credibility?

It is true that all credible brands always carry certificates of analysis. But, the question that arises here is: why do they do that? Does it increase their brand’s authority? Let’s try to understand it with a few factors.

1. Safety

Many sellers focus on making more profits; rather than caring about the users’ health. They sell old stuff at low prices. Such strains may have contaminants or other harmful materials. If you consume contaminated Kratom strains, it could be a serious danger to your health. A certificate of analysis clearly shows if a product has some fishy ingredients and if you find them, avoid buying it.

2. Purity

The Kratom strains may have dangerous compounds like heavy metals, fillers, additives, pesticides, etc. They all appear in a lab test report. Therefore, a kratom certificate of analysis is a good tool to determine if a Speciosa product is impure. So, don’t forget to take a look at it.

3. Consistency

The certificates of analysis have been helping sellers to find consistent strains to provide users with a memorable experience every time they use their favorite Kratom products. If you are a new buyer, never purchase a strain with no analysis certificate.

4. Quality

The real magic comes from the active alkaloid components present in Kratom leaves. Different alkaloids show different concentrations and are directly linked to the potency level. A more alkaloid concentration means a strain is more potent, which is what experienced users like the most. The Kratom quality comprises many other factors as well. Therefore, always consider checking a kratom certificate of analysis before purchasing.

How Does A CoA Help You Choose The Right Brand?

Buying Kratom strains randomly is not a good idea. You must conduct proper research on the sellers and make solid comparisons between them. As a result, you can buy worthy items because trusted sellers will never provide you with unsafe and impure stuff. Let’s look at how a certificate of analysis helps you find the right vendor.

Independent Lab-Testing

You can’t trust a lab test unless it is performed by a reputable, third party, and independent laboratory. To ensure transparent testing throughout, the lab-testing body must not be tied to a specific seller. Some merchants perform in-house testing, whereas others have chosen specific laboratories to declare their material safe.

The results can be precise, but it raises many questions about the product quality, which is not good for both the buyers and sellers. When well-known independent laboratories issue a kratom certificate of analysis, it greatly reduces the chances of number fudging.

AKA GMP Certification

The American Kratom Association (AKA) Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certificate is a great standard for determining a specific vendor’s credibility. The sellers have to pay for an AKA membership renewed every year after a detailed inspection performed by the AKA officials.

During the inspection, they look for the product’s source, potency, purity, safety, consistency, and customer reviews. If they find everything positive, they renew the certificate and allow vendors to keep selling Kratom goods that strictly follow all the standards. Some merchants keep old certificates of analysis and show them for the new batches. AKA’s team keeps a close eye on them and immediately takes action when caught red-handed.

Regular Testing For Every Kratom Batch

The different Kratom batches come with different certificates of analysis. Therefore, whenever you make a purchase, don’t forget to ensure that you see the latest kratom certificate of analysis issued for the batch you are buying your strains from. As stated earlier, a few sellers try to deceive Kratom buyers by showing the old CoAs. So, beware of such scenarios.

The best way to check a certificate of analysis for a particular Kratom batch is to check the date mentioned. Doing this will make the whole picture crystal clear, giving you a trustworthy item in the end. As far as the reputed Kratom brands are concerned, they send every batch for careful lab testing and discard even tons of Kratom if it doesn’t pass the quality test.


Are you new to the Kratom industry? Don’t have enough money to spend on random stocks? Afraid of being scammed? Are you looking for a convenient way to determine product quality? If yes, a Kratom certificate of analysis will reduce your headache for sure. For more details, grab some time and read through the above discussion. It has presented everything you are precisely on the lookout for.

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