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Kratom Honey Balls

How To Make Delicious & Nutritious Kratom Honey Balls?

Cali B

Cali B

The most exciting way of consuming Kratom is to use it in delicious cuisine or beverages so that you get to enjoy a fabulous meal and your daily mitragyna dose is also fulfilled. If you haven’t yet tried a sweet and delicious treat for yourself with Kratom, try Kratom honey balls, and you will feel the goodness of nature in a sweet sticky way!

The sense of accomplishment and even the kick you get from using a botanical substance makes these balls a true pleasure to consume.

Why Kratom Honey Balls?

Kratom honey balls are a great way to alter your daily dose because they are easy to make, and they have a flavor that will appeal to everyone. These sweet balls can hide the taste of Kratom almost completely. The bitterness of this herbal substance gets camouflaged by a sweetness we all love.

Moreover, the recipe is easy, and there are so many benefits of honey! You can store these honey balls for a long time in the freezer so that you only need to pop one out and eat it whenever it is time for your Kratom dose.

How to Make Kratom Honey Balls?

As we mentioned earlier, Kratom honey balls are one of the easiest to make, and you can enjoy them at any time without having to prepare a long list of ingredients. If you are not a honey buff, you can always try something like peanut butter, chocolate, or even maple syrup and nuts! The idea is to find a delicious binding agent. So let’s see what you will need:

  • Kratom powder of choice,
  • Honey, chocolate, peanut butter,
  • A mixing bowl,
  • Parchment paper and tray,
  • Icing sugar for finishing


Measure out a dosage of Kratom according to the number of days you want to cover in one batch of honey balls. For example, if you consume four grams daily, you can take 40 grams of the powder if you prepare the balls for ten days.

  • Add a little honey and begin mixing; you will be surprised at how much it can stick in one go,
  • Keep adding honey until the Kratom powder and honey form a dough-like consistency.
  • If you are using chocolate or peanut butter, keep the same method.
  • Ensure that the consistency is not crumbly or too dry.
  • Put the mixture on the parchment paper,
  • Distribute the dough into the number of squares you need according to the dosage by marking it with a knife.
  • Make balls out of each square and let cool in the fridge.
  • Transfer to an air-tight jar and freeze for as long as you want!

You can create numerous batches of Kratom honey balls and cover them with melted chocolate or peanut butter. You can even glaze them with a sugar glaze!

To get more goodness out of their dosage, many consumers like to add nuts and raisins to their daily Kratom dosage in a sweet honey ball. You can chop almonds, peanuts, walnuts, and raisins finely to add them to the dough or cover them.

Customizing Your Kratom Honey Balls

Customizations make any culinary experience more thrilling. If you are not a fan of honey, how about using other exciting ingredients to bind the balls and give you a flavor of choice? You can use dark or milk chocolate for making balls. Similarly, you can combine cream cheese and a strawberry compote to make a cheesecake ball that gives you Kratom’s energizing effects without tasting the bitter botanical substance.

Many people love to create savory treats with spinach, potatoes, and butter to bind Kratom powder into balls of delicious garlicky buttery vegetable balls. You will love how you can use this substance to feel a refreshing change in your daily routine. Whether you have a sweet tooth or like to spice things up with some organic vegetables, the Kratom dosage can always be tasty!

Here are a few binding mixtures that you can add more flavor to your daily Mitragyna consumption:

  • Melted chocolate
  • Peanut butter
  • Cream cheese and compote of your choice,
  • Chopped nuts and raisins to add,
  • Condensed milk and almonds.

All these ingredients make it easy for individuals to find the taste of their choice. Some of you may not want to use nuts, then the option of adding marshmallows or even sprinkles is going to be awesome!

When you decide to make these kratom balls, ensure that you have ample kratom powder to make it for more days because you will love the taste. Then there are some other ingredients you can add according to your pleasure. For example, some people would like to make a cheesy, starchy ball containing Kratom. While the savory elements cannot hide the flavor of Kratom powder completely, you can use them in a way that they become more concealed. Fatty edibles like cheese and butter have a complementary taste for all botanicals, and you will fall in love with how these flavors allow a more flavorful experience!


When you want to consume kratom in exciting ways, there will be hundreds of ideas to innovate. There are many ways in which you can enjoy the sweetness of other natural botanicals or substances to add to your Mitragyna experience. You can make Kratom honey balls that will cover the bitter taste of this substance while making your daily treat a pleasure.

You can customize the honey balls in many ways and even substitute honey for any of your favorite ingredients. Try making these delicious balls today, and you will want to enjoy more of them!

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