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Kratom Tea Bags

Can I Make Kratom Tea With Kratom Tea Bags?

Cali B

Cali B

Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is a somewhat bitter plant. The plant has a long-standing history rooted in culture and has been used in many brews and teas for therapeutic benefits. Currently, Kratom is available in more refined forms. You can have your regular powders that can be very potent. Or you can have your Kratom in the form of capsules that can help mask the taste. But did you know? You can also make tea out of Kratom! Kratom tea has all the benefits of regular Kratom powder but a much more pleasant consumption experience. Let us discuss how it works!

Kratom Tea Vs. Other Methods of Consumption

The most commonly followed method for Kratom consumption is the Toss and wash way. The Toss and wash method allows for large amounts of Kratom to be consumed for a more potent effect, but it can be a somewhat bitter-tasting experience. To combat this issue, kratom was introduced in other forms like capsules, extracts, tinctures, creams, and ointments. But buying pre-filled Kratom capsules can be rather costly. Also, purchasing loose Kratom powder or leaves is a much cheaper alternative. Making Kratom tea out of the leaves or powder can provide a pleasant experience as you sip away comfortably. The tea is refreshing and comforting and contains all the benefits you’re looking for from the Kratom toss and wash, though it might not be as potent.

Kinds of Kratom Tea Bags Available

Now, if you’re in the market for some Kratom tea, you should look for the best Kratom tea bags. Typically, Kratom tea bags are differentiated based on the strain of the Kratom used.

The most common strains are:

But besides that, you can use two ways or kinds of tea bags to make tea.

A Kratom tea infuser is a metallic sphere of netting that can be filled with loose leaves or powdered Kratom to make tea. It looks and acts like a filter and is reusable and cheap.

As the word suggests, Kratom tea bags are empty tea bags that can be filled and sealed with Kratom powder or loose leaves and then brewed to make tea. A set of these may include up to thirty or even fifty bags. Tea bags are better because they dont leave loose tea leaves in your cup!

How to Make Kratom Tea With Kratom Tea Bags?

Making tea with the help of tea bags is relatively easy. And even though the process doesn’t require much to do, some things should be kept in mind while preparing Kratom tea.

The most important thing when it comes to Kratom is its dosing. Dosage control is essential when it comes to plants having opioid properties. And Kratom has very quickly been recognized as a vital pain relief remedy. So before making your tea, ensure that your Kratom dosage is correct and appropriate.

Besides that, you can make Kratom Tea by using Kratom tea bags by following these steps:

  1. Boil some water for your tea and then allow it to cool before proceeding. The cooldown is down to ensure that excessive heat doesn’t kill all the alkaloids present within the plant.
  2. While the water cools, open up an empty tea bag and fill it with an already measured dosage of Kratom tea leaves or powder.
  3. Seal up the edges of the tea bag and allow it to steep in the warm water. For a more potent tea, ensure the water is cooled more and the steeping is down for around 10-15 mins. You can steep the tea bag in slightly hotter water for something more watered down.
  4. Once you have your tea, you can sweeten it with a sweetener of your choice. Kratom tea is still very bitter but can easily be remedied by adding honey or other things.

Now you have your very own cup of Kratom tea! Enjoy!

How To Use Empty Tea Bags for Kratom?

Kratom tea bags can be made up of either paper or a mesh nylon material, or even from cloth. Each kind of tea bag serves its purpose and can be used for the type of Kratom form respectively.

If you are brewing tea using loose-leaf Kratom, it is best to get tea bags made of nylon or mesh as they ensure no leaves get into the tea while maintaining the flavor profile.

If Kratom powder is used, it is better to use a cloth tea bag as they can hold a larger quantity of Kratom powder and are reusable. Unlike paper, both these alternatives are much more robust and prevent the cardboard taste you can get from using paper tea bags.

Their use is easy as they can be refilled over and over. The bags can be opened using a drawstring, filled with your favorite Kratom strain and other additives, closed up by tying the drawstring around the bag, and then steeped into hot water for a nice, relaxing cup of sweet tea. So easy!

Best Kratom Strain To Use in Tea Bags

Three Kratom strains dominate the markets: green, red, and white Maeng Da.

These strains differ in terms of their potency, alkaloidal content, and the effects they produce. Typically, white veined varieties are considered superior; however, for a first-time user, it is best to make tea out of loose-leaf Mitragyna, so it feels just like regular tea, but it can also help control the taste and dosage of the Kratom.

Experienced Kratom users often mix and match the varieties for a unique taste or create new blends with more additives like dried ginger or mint leaves.


Drinking tea is a simple and daily process for many people, so incorporating Kratom into it seems easy enough. And it is made even easier by using Kratom tea bags. You can often find them already pre-filled in the market, but making them yourselves is better.

Making your Kratom tea bags personalizes the taste and allows you to experiment with your favorite strains in a low dosage. And when you can get the added benefits from the plant, why wouldn’t you want to try it? Say goodbye to tossing and washing and enjoy a nice, relaxing cup of tea instead.

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