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Oblate Discs for Kratom

What are Oblate Discs and Why Use Oblate Discs for Kratom?

Cali B

Cali B

There are many ways to ingest your Kratom dose. The most popular consumption methods include; powders, tinctures, capsules, candies, teas, extracts, and so on. Many users are fans of these ingestion approaches, but others keep exploring more unique ways to take their daily dose.

Are you on the hunt for a creative yet impressive technique to take your favorite strains of Kratom? Don’t want to use traditional ways anymore? If yes, this article has got you covered. Let’s delve deeper into the details.

Oblate Discs: What Precisely They Are?

They are flavorless and edible discs that mostly come from Japan. The increasing applications of oblate discs are equally popular in many parts of the world these days. Another potential use of oblate discs has been discovered: to take them with Kratom.

Oblate discs for kratom are the ideal pair for many consumers. It provides a combined benefit of Kratom capsules and an easy approach to taking this botanical – toss and wash. The best thing is that you need minimal preparation for this consumption method.

What Are These Discs Made From?

As far as the manufacturing is concerned, they are prepared with vegetable starch, like potato starch, seawood, or rice.

Though oblate discs don’t come with a specific flavor, they can mask the bitterness of Kratom. Therefore, if you are not used to experiencing the sharp taste of this botanical, oblate discs for Speciosa would be an excellent option.

Why Should I Use Oblate Discs for Kratom?

Having a look at the increasing popularity of oblate discs, many people look for the reasons why Kratom enthusiasts use them. They wonder why they should switch from taking capsules and toss and wash methods.

One of the major reasons why you should use oblate discs for Kratom is that you can carry them easily anywhere you want. Apart from that, they are budget-friendly and assist you in reducing the sharper touch of this botanical.

Furthermore, oblate discs are very thin, which is why they get absorbed quickly to provide you with instant Speciosa influence. Once you wrap the Kratom powder in these discs and swallow them, they produce a long-lasting influence because it takes some time for oblate discs to get completely dissolved in your stomach. The sellers set a special thickness for these discs to ensure consistent and desired effects.

One thing you can struggle with is that oblate discs are not readily available in today’s market. Therefore, you will not find them with many sellers. This is a primary concern for hundreds of Speciosa advocates.

On the other hand, you need some practice using oblate discs appropriately to get the most out of your favorite strain. Some users find it difficult to take Kratom this way.

How Can I Use Oblate Discs for Kratom?

Though these films have just stepped into the Kratom world, people have been using them for many years to take a wide variety of herbs. This is why they are known for their convenience, cost-effectiveness, and efficacy. Below is a list of the steps you should keep in mind while taking oblate discs for Kratom.

  • Spend some time searching for the properties of oblate discs.
  • Find a credible online or local seller to get high-quality stuff.
  • Take your favorite Kratom strain and measure a specific dose with a digital scale or measuring spoon.

Important Note: An oblate disk is very thin, so it can’t carry much powder. Considering your dose amount, you can use multiple discs to cover the Kratom powder.

Let’s look at the two most popular methods used to benefit from oblate discs for Kratom.

1. Burrito Fold

Have you already been preparing burritos? It is going to be a super easy method for you. Take the desired quantity of Mitragyna powder, put it in the middle of the oblate disk, and start folding its edges. Fold it from everywhere, e.g., left, right, bottom, and top. Fold all the edges in a way to give it a burrito-like shape. Apply some water drops on the edges to secure them. Are you done with it? Great! You can simply place it over the spoon and swallow it to enjoy your dose.

2. Teardrop Twist

As the name depicts, you must convert an oblate disk into a teardrop-like shape. Now, put the measured dose of Kratom powder in the middle of this disk. Make sure your disk is not too bulky. Otherwise, it will become difficult for you to swallow. Once you prepare a teardrop of the disk, secure its edges by applying a few drops of water. Once done, you can easily swallow it to get a memorable experience.

Taking Kratom through Oblate Discs: Is It a Safe Approach?

These discs have proved to be a great tool to enjoy your Kratom journey if you don’t want to use traditional consumption methods (extracts, powders, capsules, etc.) anymore. Remember, they don’t suit the needs of every user. Therefore, it is always better to research and get familiar with what kind of experience oblate discs can provide. Once you get familiar with their nature, you can take them more confidently. According to many users, they eat some light food before consuming oblate discs for Kratom. So, if you are a newbie, avoid taking these films on an empty stomach.


Oblate discs are thin vegetable layers indigenous to Japan, but you can also buy them from other parts of the globe. They are economical to purchase but are rare at the same time. This is why you won’t find them with many vendors.

Are you wondering why people use these discs to consume Kratom? Well, they help them get instant Mitragyna influence and enjoy long-lasting impact. You can use oblate discs in different ways, but remember, they are not made for everyone to give a try. An in-depth discussion is provided above in this regard. Give it a read.

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