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Full Spectrum 50x Kratom Tincture


If you are a fan of Mitragyna Speciosa, usually known as Kratom, Cali Botanicals will be the place to be. Tinctures and extracts are one of the most convenient ways to intake your Kratom. Moreover, using a tincture will also result in an almost instant punch that results from Kratom. When it comes to Kratom, the full spectrum means the most potent Kratom in alkaloid content. Cali Botanicals 50x Full Spectrum Kratom Tincture is made by processing the most potent Mitragyna extract strains that balance and go well. We use the most stable solvents while manufacturing our tincture.

Why should you buy from Cali Botanicals?

1. We guarantee customer satisfaction and have customer care officials on the store to deal with any customer queries.

2. Our tincture is made from the best Kratom strains and has a high alkaloid content, which is not overpowering but packs a stable, balanced, and uniform punch that guarantees a good time.

3. Our Kratom is lab tested before it is processed to be converted into tinctures. This feature ensures that the products are not contaminated in any way, and your health is not compromised.

4. Many payment options are available for your ease, and fast and safe delivery is a salient feature of our company.

It is important to note that this extract is potent. It should be taken with care, and the doses should be measured adequately before they are taken.

Kratom Tincture is a powerful extract that maintains the integrity of the plant.

Each bottle is suited for many different kratom applications

For best results Keep in a cool dry place. Heat to 100 degrees for 2 min before use to get the best results.

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1 oz Tincture


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