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Kratom energy


Premium Horned Leaf Kratom Powder


Premium Horned Leaf Kratom Powder

About the Product

Known as one of the rare and unique kratom powder in the world. This Premium Horned leaf Kratom Powder has come from Borneo and is very popular amongst all the strains. If you ever get a chance to view the leaves of this plant, then we are sure that the green and shiny mesmerizing color will hold your breath and won’t let you look anywhere else. 

The Process

The leaves have green veins all over it and have tiny horns on the top. One of the reasons behind its name. These are called rare because it takes approx. One year for this plant to grow and turn into a full-size plant. The process is to keep them hydrated and store them in a galvanized washtub to get the best results. It is important to feel fresh and new. Get this rare kratom powder online only at Cali Botanicals. 


It serves us with several benefits such as it improves our mood circles, gives us relief from stress; also, it is always good to consume it for a peaceful and sound sleep. Then it is known for increasing concentration levels in work.


Do not confuse it with Maeng Da Kratom powder, as it is usually seen that because of its property like alkaloid levels and potency, one can make mistakes understanding it as a similar product.

This strain is quite popular and harvested in Borneo. Its leaves are emerald green and shiny. They have green veins and tiny “horns” on top. The strain is a natural blend of red and white veined kratom. At Cali Botanicals Kratom online store, you can find all four strains at the best possible price!

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