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We offer a wide range of quality products, freshest quality and the best customer service you can get. We’re not a big company, and we pride ourselves on that.

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Who we are

Cali Botanicals

We started in 2013 with one thing in mind. To bring the best possible product to health-minded individuals. That’s why we have continued today to present our community with a 100% organic product which is to harvest conscientiously and carefully to provide the maximum benefit to our community. There is no middle man, what we ship to you is the freshest batch of kratom you’ll ever receive.


Our Product

Our product is different from others you will find online because we have taken the initiative to contact our farms directly in order to establish equity of trust. Grown in Indonesia, and Malaysia our leaves are hand-picked, de-veined, and triple-washed in sterile water. And taken inside an open-air greenhouse to dry in their natural humidity. Once the leaves have been rinsed again and examined individually, and from there they are examined for maximum potency and purity.

We pride ourselves on using only the purest, highest-quality products imported from Indonesia. Unlike many of our competitors, we make sure every part of our product is organic. Not just that, but we don’t pass on the added cost to our customers. At Cali Botanicals we want to build a community of like-minded individuals.

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