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American Kratom Association

American Kratom Association: What AKA Is Doing To Protect Kratom?

Cali B

Cali B

Kratom is protected by the American Kratom Association (AKA), a non-profit organization run by consumers. The Americans can use it as a voice to defend their right to use the herb for what it is suitable for.

What Is The American Kratom Association?

The American Kratom Association is an advocacy group that fights for the right to consume kratom, a plant native to Southeast Asia used in herbal medicine but has been criticized by the FDA. They are committed to assisting kratom consumers, educating the public about the product’s benefits, and protecting kratom as a naturally occurring resource.

The Association led many legal battles fought and won against Kratom in recent years. They also work to dispel myths about Kratom by informing the general public about its many uses and benefits.

The American Kratom Association, also known as (a.k.a.) AKA was founded in 2014 to ensure safe Kratom use in the United States. Consumer protection is the overall goal of the AKA. They aim to safeguard consumers against corporate and governmental threats. The American Kratom Association is dedicated to preventing, protecting, and preserving a pure Kratom international community, exposing poor manufacturing processes or petitioning against unreasonable legal decisions.

The Kratom Consumer Protection Act 

The AKA has also been a driving force behind legal changes and kratom user protections.

This significant piece of legislation accomplishes many things in terms of protecting kratom users and ensuring the future of kratom in the United States. Among the most important are the following:

The Kratom Consumer Protection Act, or KCPA, provides consumers access to legal Kratom while regulating the market and lowering the sale of unregulated, hazardous, and harmful Kratom products. The act’s goal is to make sure that only authorized Kratom is offered for sale and distributed throughout the market. By defending its users and dispelling misconceptions about the natural supplement, it also seeks to stop the total ban on Kratom.

American Kratom Association GMP Certification

The chairman of the American Kratom Association (AKA), Dave Herman, announced the formal launch of the AKA GMP Standards Program, which aims to improve the safety of kratom products made available to consumers. The program includes a verified and up-to-date list of kratom producers who have agreed to adhere to stringent manufacturing and processing standards, as confirmed by a third-party auditor. This action will enable customers to choose kratom products with knowledge.

The goal of the AKA GMP Standards Program is to give kratom users a list of vendors who have finished meeting the criteria for enrollment in the program. Once enrolled, registered participants will be added to the list of “Pending” vendors and have 90 days to complete an independent third-party audit confirming the vendor has complied with the necessary standards.

A vendor will retain their pending status if they finish the audit within 90 days and will be added back to AKA’s website once they complete and submit their independent audit.

American Kratom Association Vendor Certification

The American Kratom Association developed the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Standards Program to help ensure the product’s safety and quality.

Before a Kratom supplier can receive American Kratom Association certification, they must provide documentation of their handling and assembly methods.

Verified vendors must also pass annual audits and pay a $1,000 re-certification fee to maintain their status. Only the most trustworthy vendors participate in the program.

American Kratom Association Legal Battles?  

Protecting Kratom’s legality is one of the American Kratom Association’s primary goals.

In America, there is a solid movement to make buying, selling, and using Kratom illegal. The F.D.A., which also approves and controls pharmaceutical drugs and food additives, is responsible for much of this.

The FDA does everything in its power to obstruct consumers’ right to choose products wisely for their health and well-being. As part of their campaign against kratom, they disseminate false information about the substance that misleads consumers and decision-makers. 

Kratom addiction is possible, which can have some adverse effects. However, compared to any FDA-approved narcotic painkiller, it is much less harmful and addictive. Thousands of people have used kratom to help them kick their addictions to more dangerous drugs.

Because Kratom costs the FDA money, they are against it. Pharmaceutical companies working with the FDA stand to lose a lot of money as patients switch from medications to Kratom until they can regulate and control the sale of the herb.

Whatever the case, the F.D.A. is a federal agency with access to funding and resources. When you consider Kratom’s minimal risks, the legal battle that has been waged against it is extreme and disproportionate.

Goals Of The American Kratom Association  

The American Kratom Association is a legally recognized nonprofit organization established to reshape national and state debates on kratom. Their membership comprises consumers and kratom suppliers united in their desire to remove the stigma associated with kratom use among law-abiding, hard-working Americans. AKA’s mission statement lists five main objectives:

  • Encourage kratom users
  • To inform the general public
  • Amplify the excellent kratom users are doing
  • Give nations a framework for influencing kratom legislation worldwide
  • Environmental protection through moral and sustainable harvesting

Their support of the kratom consumer protection act catalyzes advancing these objectives.

Although many states have put their versions of the KCPA into effect, the work is still going strong. AKA is working to pass legislation to safeguard kratom users and the industry in almost every region of the US.

In a Nut Shell

The American Kratom Association is the leading pro-kratom advocacy organization in the country and probably the entire world. They are a non-profit organization to safeguard American consumers of kratom and kratom in general.

The mission of the AKA to safeguard kratom has faced many obstacles, but its supporters have consistently been influential. The FDA will eventually understand the value of this medicinal herb and how eliminating its abuse is possible if they support the American Kratom Association. That was all about it!

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