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DIY Kratom Capsules

DIY Kratom Capsules – Using Kratom Capsules Filling Machine

Cali B

Cali B

When it comes to Kratom, dosage control is a very important thing to keep in mind. It is convenient to purchase Kratom powder from online retailers, but it is not always the easiest way to consume it!

Traditionally, people chew on the Kratom leaves for the plant’s rejuvenating effects, but nowadays, the plant is available in many different forms. One of which is the Kratom capsules. The capsules are the easiest way to consume Kratom as they help mask the bitter taste of the alkaloids entirely and make for a smoother consumption experience. Not only that! But they also allow for dosage control.  

Again, you can purchase Kratom pills from online resources, but there’s no guarantee that they would have the kind of strains you’d like or often are more expensive than just buying the Kratom powder directly. A cheaper way to enjoy Kratom pills is to make them yourself at home by using empty capsule shells and your favorite strain of Kratom powder. Creating your capsules allow for a more customized experience in a budget-friendly manner – DIY Kratom Capsules.

What Is a Capsule Filling Machine?

Industrial capsule-filling machines are heavy-duty pieces of equipment that are used to produce pharmaceutical capsules. Here, we are talking about Kratom capsule-filling machines- which is not true.

A simple Kratom capsule filling machine is a plastic box with a lot of holes in it. These holes allow empty capsule shells to be placed in them and then packed with the Kratom powder. The locking and twisting mechanism of the box ensure that the capsules are tightly fitted together to avoid spilling. Usually, the tray with the box can have 50-100 holes so that you can make a large number of capsules in a relatively short amount of time.

What You Will Need DIY Kratom Capsules at Home?

Making your capsules does require some prep work and some specialized equipment, so here’s a breakdown of all that you will need:

  • Kratom Powder: You can have a preferred strain or mix and match strains for your custom capsules!
  •  Empty Capsule Shells: They usually come in two varieties- gelatin and plant-based. These are easy to find and much more affordable than pre-filled Kratom capsules. 
  • Capsule Filling Machine: Buying the box is a one-time expense but is relatively readily available and has repeat usage.
  • Balance: It is necessary to weigh out the appropriate dosage per capsule.
  • Coffee Grinder: If you need to crush Kratom leaves into a powder.

How to Use a Capsule Filling Machine to Make Kratom Pills?

Making Kratom pills takes about 10-20 minutes using a capsule-filling machine. As the process is manual, it is important to follow these steps:

  1. Clean your surrounding area and any tools that you use. As you consume the pills, they must be created in an environment that makes them safe to consume. 
  2. Setting up the machine before weighing out the powder is also very important. Knowing what part of the machine is used for what is better. Typically, a machine will consist of three main portions: The body plate, the cap plate, and the middle plate.
  3. Once your machine is set up, you can begin by opening up all the empty capsules and placing the shells in the body and cap plates. 
  4. When the shells are placed, an appropriate amount of Kratom powder can be weighed and spread over the capsules’ body plate, filling them. To ensure a smooth filling, a scraper can be used to smooth out the powder on top. 
  5. The cap plate is then pushed down onto the body plate to ensure that the two halves lock together. 
  6. The middle plate holds the finished capsules, which can then be ejected for you to enjoy. 
  7. Once you have your pills, weigh them on a digital balance to ensure dosage uniformity. 

And there you have it! Kratom pills are made at home using a capsule-filling machine. 

Types of Capsules to Use and Which are the Best?

As mentioned before, there are two kinds of capsules available in the market:

  • Gelatin capsules.
  • Vegetarian capsules.

Gelatin capsules are animal proteins that are further processed with chemicals. These types of capsules are the most common in the market.

While plant-based capsules do not contain animal proteins or chemicals and are of a natural origin, they are in high demand as they can be used by people who might be allergic to gelatin or do not wish to consume gelatin for ethical reasons. These kinds of capsules are also Halal and are hypoallergenic.

Pros and Cons of DIY Kratom Capsules

The biggest pro of making your capsules at home is that it is a cost-effective process allowing you to create customized capsules from various strains. However, cleaning up, set-up, and overall maintenance is still time-consuming.

But there can be a lot of cons when making capsules at home. You see, professionally made capsules are sorted and produced in a way to ensure that they have the same potency and consistency throughout, which is hard to achieve in a home environment. Also, professional capsules are quality assured and safe to consume. Unless the supplies you buy are from reliable sources, there may be a case of contamination or possible allergens being a part of the capsules which can cause issues.

Final Verdict

Whether you choose to buy your kratom pills from online vendors or make them at home, it is known that pills are a better method of consuming Kratom than traditional methods. Making your capsules at home does require some know-how, and also safety precautions are to be kept in mind, but it may be rewarding in the end. Again, it is time-consuming, and not many people wish to deal with the hassle of cleaning up everything. So, what would you instead choose? Already made Kratom pills available in the market or your very own customized creations?

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