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DIY Kratom Soap

DIY Kratom Soap – Best Guide To Make & Use It

Cali B

Cali B

Kratom has become a daily fix for millions of people today, and we see many innovative products infused with this botanical. Whether you like to try new kinds of cuisines or you want to try out an aesthetic product with kratom, you can get it all.

Kratom soap is a cool new item that many consumers are raving about, and if you do not get your hands on one, there is always a way to make it! Try a new DIY Kratom Soap this week and see how it helps stimulate you for hours ahead. We are sharing the simplest DIY project with you, and soon enough, you will be adding new things to improve your experience.

Why Do I Need Kratom Soap?

You can add anything you want when making your kratom soap! If you want a zesty scent or even a floral one-everything is up to you! Many people add elements according to the rules and foundations of aromatherapy. However, you can choose flowers, herbs, or fruits to create a synergy of natural ingredients to benefit from it.

Moreover, this soap will be an excellent way to keep your skin from blemishes, acne, and the dull layer of dead cells that keep your face and hands from glowing. Kratom soap can be an exciting way of getting the dose and benefitting from various natural substances.

Kratom will stimulate the senses, and when you scrub kratom soap, the increased blood circulation will ensure that your skin remains moist and nourished.

Equipment Required

Always remember that some ingredients seem easy, but you must be careful when working with heat. Use newspapers to line the workstation in the kitchen, and keep all ingredients from the stove. We use glycerin in soap, which is not as difficult as lye but can be tricky.

Some soap bases have oils and natural ingredients. If you select a soap base with added substance, halve the quantity mentioned here to obtain a hard and long-lasting soap bar.

Ingredients Required for Kratom Soap

You can make kratom soap at home without any prior experience, which is why it has become a convenient little project for all kratom users who are fond of DIY Kratom soap. Check out the simple method here:

You will need the following:

  • Two pounds of glycerin soap base with melt-and-pour quality for soaps,
  • One cup oil of your choice. It can be coconut, olive, or palm oil.
  • Six oz. High-quality kratom powder,
  • Dried flowers, lemon rind, orange peels, or any other organic addition of your choice for the aroma and effect.

How to Make Kratom Soap?

  • Melt the glycerin in a double boiler. Make sure that you break the two-pound block into smaller chunks to melt it in a shorter time. If you do not have a double boiler, boil water and place a smaller pan or pot over it to melt the glycerin.
  • Prepare the soap shapes. You can use any kind of mold. If you do not have a mold, you can use a baking tray with parchment paper to cut out the soap bars once they are semi-solid and can be cut into equal-sized bars.
  • Add the oils to the glycerin and enjoy the aroma.
  • Other additions can be made to this mix once you have removed the glycerin from the steaming boiler.
  • Add kratom, dried flowers, or other botanicals you choose.
  • Let all ingredients seep in. This step is crucial as all the ingredients carry chemical compounds that need to be liberated to make every use of this soap impactful.
  • Pour into the molds and let the soap set. If you are using a tray, let it cool for at least 30 minutes, and then run a knife across and from top to bottom to make equal-sized soap bars. Let the tray cool for a few hours.

One thing that every DIYer must remember is that with kratom, quality is everything! If you use old, stale, or sub-standard kratom powder, the result will never be the same as when you use authentic, fresh, and pure kratom powder. 

It is best to buy kratom powder from a reliable source. Moreover, checking the production time can ensure that it is fresh. Excellent quality kratom is available from a variety of online shops in America. Pick your favorite strain and create a soap that will benefit you!

How to Use Kratom Soap?

Kratom is rich in alkaloids, and when you use it on your skin, it will clear the glands and pores and get absorbed into the bloodstream for instant action. You can use this soap by dampening your skin and then applying the soap. As you rub it on your hands, blood circulation improves gently. Keep rubbing the soap on your skin for at least a minute, and then rinse. All the ingredients will penetrate the skin, and you will feel a difference.

Moreover, the alkaloids will invigorate, while the soap’s other ingredients will help exfoliate, rejuvenate and revitalize the skin! So many vitamins, minerals, and even the botanical goodness of kratom will give your skin a new boost of natural goodness.

Changes That You Notice With Kratom Soap

Kratom soap will bring about a few quick and visible changes that will get you many compliments. We know you want to get on with the DIY Kratom Soap, so we summarized the benefits of kratom soap for you:

  • Antibacterial properties.
  • Moisturizing qualities.
  • Removes blemishes and combination skin uneven patches.
  • It makes the skin glow due to the regular use of natural substances instead of chemicals.
  • It deals with several issues simultaneously to give the skin a complete overhaul.
  • The use of oil in this soap means hydrated and healthy skin.


Kratom soap is an excellent and creative way of using this botanical. You can make soap at home without a complicated process, and the result will be what you want! All consumers and DIYers can add whatever they want their soap to contain. We have briefly explained the simple process, and you can alter it to use the organic botanicals you want to add to your daily routine along with kratom.

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