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How to Use Kratom Powder: 3 Recipes for Beginners

Cali B

Cali B

Mitragyna Speciosa Korth otherwise known as Kratom was made legal in most states in America in 2016. A 2019 study found that Kratom use at certain doses doesn’t hurt your cognitive function.

Another study in 2017 found that Kratom use can enhance your mood and relieve stress. The same study also found that using Kratom trying to detox from opioids can be helpful and reduce harm from withdrawal symptoms.

If you’re in one of the states where Kratom is legal, you might want to consider learning more about Kratom and a few recipes to make it. It’s estimated that three to five million people in the United Staes are using Kratom these days.

Keep reading to find out how to use Kratom powder and learn about three easy recipes for beginners.

What Is Kratom?

Since this post is for beginners let’s quickly go over what Kratom is exactly. Kratom comes from a tropical evergreen tree from Southeast Asia. It comes from countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, New Guinea, and Borneo.

Kratom has 40 alkaloids which act as receptors in your brain. The two main alkaloids are 7-hydroxymitragynin and Mitragynine. The activity on your receptors from these alkaloids results in stimuli to your brain.

You can feel stimulation, euphoria, and even enhance your cognitive skills.

What Are the Best Strains of Kratom?

Kratom has several different strains and some are better than others. The difference is the color of the vein. Most veins start out red, but they can change over time due to a couple of factors.

Green veins are achieved from being dried in an air-conditioned room that doesn’t have any light. White veins can be attained by being dried in a cool room without letting the sun hit their leaves. Red veins need sunlight to keep their leaves red.

You can even get a yellow strain or vein by mixing two colors together during fermentation. It should be noted that the red strain is the most popular.

What’s a Good Kratom Powder Dosage?

First, it should be stated that before you start any dosage of Kratom and if you’re taking any medications, speak to your doctor before taking it.

For beginners, you should always error on the side of caution. Start by taking a 1-2 gram dose. After 20 minutes, if you’re not feeling anything you can take another 1-3 grams.

This should do the trick. In any case, don’t take another dose for several hours. When you become a more seasoned Kratom user you can up it to a medium dose.

Take 3-6 grams at a time. When you’re a veteran user, you can up the dosage to 6-8 grams.

Different Kinds of Kratom

Here we’ll go over five different kinds of Kratom that each gives you different strengths and types of feeling.

(1) White Vein Thai Kratom

White Vein Thai is a peculiar variety of Kratom. It’s great to take in the morning or when you’re feeling drained because it’s a very energetic strain.

White Vein Thai that you would with some other strains, but it’s still a great option to get you through the day or before a workout session.

Aside from endurance and energy you also might fight depression with this strain.

You’ll find the energy you get from White Vein Thai Kratom is extremely clean. It’s a cleaner lift than coffee, and many people say it’s even a cleaner energy boost than green tea. White Vein Thai also can produce a nootropic effect.

You might feel a bit jittery with this strain if you’re using it for the first time, but that should subside with further use.

(2) Red Indo Kratom

Out of Indonesia, there’s Red Indo Kratom. This strain will provide you with relaxation and energy at the same time. However, It won’t put you to sleep. You should feel a combination of being alert and relaxed with Red Indo.

Red Indo Kratom tends to have tension and stress relieving benefits. You might even feel some sedative effect with a higher dose. Indonesian medicines use Red Indo Kratom to enhance their traditional medicine to combat stress.

Red Indo typically takes longer to kick in but once it does it lasts longer than most Kratom powders and its strength stays high for a long time as well. You’ll first experience a light boost of energy then the relaxation effects will start to kick in.

Red Indo is one of the most sought after Kratom powders.

(3) Maeng Da Kratom

Maeng Da Kratom is one of the stronger strains you can find. So, since you’re a beginner, you’ll want to be very careful with this strain of Kratom. You won’t need to take much of this one and it lasts a long time.

Three Kratom Powder Recipes

These three Kratom recipes are simple and healthy. They’re a great introduction to using Kratom for better health.

(1) The Juicer

Kratom mixes with fresh juices. You can use one apple, two carrots, and one lemon in your juicer or blender. Add a pinch of ginger and grab a nice handful of spinach or kale.

Add the dose of your chosen Kratom powder that works for you, mix, and enjoy.

(2) The Afternoon Snack

This one is the most simple. All you need is a cup of applesauce and Tablespoon of cinnamon with your desired Kratom powder dose and enjoy a great snack with added health benefits.

(3) The Morning Kickstarter

Kratom is great for energy in the morning. Get a cup of dry oats and mix in your desired Kratom powder that provides energy. Then, heat up some almond milk and stir them together.

Add some raw honey, stevia, or brown sugar. Stir again and enjoy it. You can also add an egg to the mix if you choose.

Where to Buy Kratom Powder?

You can buy Kratom powder from several online outlets. However, you want to make sure you’re getting the best quality products. You can find those here.

Now You Know How to Use Kratom Powder

Now you’re in the know, and you know how to use Kratom powder. Use these great tips above to ensure a great Kratom experience. Click here to contact us and start your journey with Kratom today.

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