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What Is Kratom Tincture? How To Make And Take It?

Cali B

Cali B

Kratom has become a daily staple for millions of people in America. If you haven’t hopped onto the bandwagon, get to know more about the kinds of products you can try and which ones will suit you. Kratom powder is the most common Mitragyna item, and many people like using it. However, many of these consumers are interested in knowing about tinctures. What is kratom tincture? How to make it? These are some of the common questions so let’s discuss them in detail so that you can decide whether it is your preferred choice or not!

Kratom tincture is the liquid form of Mitragyna, it has a dark color, and the thickness is not too much, so you can use it in many ways without getting overwhelmed by the taste or aroma. A tincture is the liquid form of this herbal substance, and while other items are at the top of the preferred product list for many, this new form of kratom is fast becoming popular!

Should you use Kratom Tincture instead of powder?

We mentioned earlier that kratom powder is by far the most popular kratom item. However, the upcoming and fluid kratom tincture is not far behind. Most of the items people use are not because they are better or worse than others. The consumption of this organic compound in various ways is based on personal choice. Many consumers feel they enjoy powder form, while others would disagree. So then, which one is better?

Kratom powder can have an overpowering taste and aroma. While consumers take this powder for the toss-and-wash method or use it in brewing tea, the taste can be overwhelming. Since kratom tincture is a liquid with the same potency as other Mitragyna products, a few drops can provide the same results as a teaspoonful of Mitragyna powder. Therefore, using a few drops of tincture may seem more doable for many of you.

Moreover, kratom tinctures can be customized to create isolates, and since the concentrated liquid can assimilate fast and provide results soon-the taste does not seem to be a downside! Another advantage that kratom tincture has is that due to its liquid form, it can be stored for a longer period and has a higher chance of remaining effective and robust if kept in a cool, dark place in an air-tight bottle.

How to Make Kratom Tincture?

Kratom tinctures may sound too technical for all consumers to make at home. However, it is not that hard! For all of you looking to get more out of kratom, this product is a good choice, and if you want to make your dosage, the process can be easy. Another reason to learn how to make kratom tincture is that as FDA approval is lacking, this pleasant product is usually out of stock at many places as it is not commonly sold!

If you are ready to make this item at home, here are the things that you need:

  • A scale to measure kratom powder precisely,
  • Citric acid,
  • pH strips,
  • Ethanol, 80-100 proof, or alcohol,
  • Funnel or cheesecloth,
  • A dark glass jar or bottle,
  • Kratom powder of choice.


1. Measure kratom powder carefully according to a week or month’s dose and mix it with alcohol or Ethanol. The amount of Ethanol must be almost eight times the amount of kratom. For example, if you use six ounces of kratom, the Ethanol can be 1.5 liters or almost 50 ounces.

2. Add Citric acid to this mixture to maintain a pH of 4. Keep adding the acid until you get a pH of 4 on the pH strip.

3. Seal this mixture in a jar and keep it in a cool and dry place. Ensure that you keep it away from light.

4. After two weeks, remove the jar, shake it and strain the tincture into another bottle with the help of a funnel and cheesecloth.

5. Keep the jar covered with cheesecloth on a low flame, so that much of the excess Ethanol evaporates. The rule is to let the liquid evaporate until you get an ounce of kratom powder per jar. This means that if you used six ounces of kratom, you should get six jars of kratom tincture.

Best Strain to Make Kratom Tincture

The best strain for kratom tincture depends upon the individuals using it. All the strains can be used to create kratom tincture. However, look for one that offers the results you want to experience. If you want to relax after a long tiring day, select Red vein strains; otherwise, go for a green vein for energy and white vein kratom for stimulation and happy moods!

How to Take a Kratom Tincture?

Kratom tincture can be consumed in a variety of ways. If you are looking for a good way to use Mitragyna, this tincture can open up various methods that will be refreshing by themselves!

You can add drops of tincture to baked goods, smoothies, and beverages of other kinds, and even sprinkle it on food items to fulfill your daily kratom need without the overpowering taste and aroma!

Kratom Tincture Vs Extract

Kratom tinctures are the liquid form of this botanical substance, whereas extracts are more concentrated. Using a kratom tincture will not mean that it provides a higher amount of alkaloids per volume. However, a kratom extract is more concentrated, meaning the number of alkaloids will be more than the same in kratom powder or tincture.

How Long Do Tinctures Take To Kick In?

Kratom tinctures get absorbed sublingually, and when digestion begins so early, the alkaloids get included in the bloodstream in a comparatively shorter time than ingested kratom powder. This means you can feel kratom’s impact within seconds of use! This feature makes kratom tinctures more practical and very effective for all.


Kratom tinctures are a fantastic way to consume kratom, and the more you want to try this product, the more you know about its benefits compared to powder or other Mitragyna products. This item is easy to make at home and will be an excellent addition to your daily routine! Try it today and enjoy the goodness of nature.

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