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How To Measure Kratom? What Are The Available Options?

Cali B

Cali B

Kratom, scientifically known as Mitragyna Speciosa, is one of the most well-known herbal products. This botanical is extracted from the tropical lands of Southeast Asian countries. The native community has been benefiting from this herb for hundreds of years. It has become globally popular in the last few years.

The consumption of Kratom, without a doubt, is on the rise these days. Being a user, you can get a couple of benefits from this tree leaf if you take the right doses. The newbies often get confused about that. They don’t know how much Kratom they should consume. Do you have the same concern? If yes, this is a perfect read for you as it presents efficient ways to measure Kratom strains.

How To Measure Kratom Dose? – 2 Easy Options

If you want the maximum out of your Kratom, always take it in the right amount. The reason behind this fact is that higher doses consumed for a long time may cause complications. It is better to start your Kratom journey with the smallest dose and increase it gradually until you get the results you want.

1. Use A Digital Measuring Scale

Using a digital scale to measure Kratom powder is the most precise way. One thing that separates this method is that you get the same amount of Kratom every time you measure it. Just keep your eyes on the scale’s screen and adjust the amount of Kratom powder according to your needs.

Though it requires a little investment, it greatly reduces your headache of taking random Speciosa doses. Another benefit of using a digital measuring scale is that it can measure Kratom up to one decimal point. For instance, if you have measured your dose, it will show 5.1 grams instead of just displaying 5 grams.

Because of the high precision in measurement, experienced Kratom consumers prefer this method. Before you use this scale, remember a few things in mind, as listed below:

  • The use of a container, bowl, or cup is highly recommended. It gives you a clear picture of how much Kratom powder you can place in a specific container or cup.
  • Don’t forget to zero out your digital measuring scale before measuring a particular dose. Doing this will make sure that you get accurate results. Many measuring scales come with a reset button. You can press this button to return its reading to zero.

The use of digital scales has made the Kratom measurement super easy, and you calculate the correct dose in a few minutes. What else do you need?

2. Measure Kratom With Leveled Measuring Spoons

The most convenient way to measure Kratom powder is to utilize leveled measuring spoons. The reason why thousands of consumers use these spoons is that they can measure precise Kratom dose. Make sure you know that the same amount of different Kratom strains may produce different outcomes.

Using a tablespoon or teaspoon is pretty common these days. You can use either to measure a specific amount of Kratom powder. A leveled measuring spoon may carry different amounts of different strains because it all depends on how finely ground and consistent the powder is. Using measuring spoons is preferred over teaspoons because they come in different sizes. A tablespoon can measure 6.2 to 7 grams of Kratom powder, whereas the measuring capacity of a teaspoon is 2 to 2.3 grams only.

When using measuring spoons, don’t forget to level off the Kratom powder to get a consistent measurement. To do this, fill your spoon with the Speciosa powder and level it off with a butter knife to put the extra powder back in the storage container. You can also use any card for the leveling purpose. As a result, you will surely get an accurate Kratom dosage that will produce consistent results.

Another Potential Way To Measure A Precise Amount Of Kratom

Do you want to consume the right Kratom dose without exposure to its bitterness? Want to make multiple doses for future consumption? If yes, look no further than preparing Kratom capsules.

The best thing about these capsules is that you can easily purchase them from the market. Thousands of local and online sellers across the globe sell Kratom capsules. However, some of them may provide you with outdated and contaminated material if you are unsure how to evaluate the product. To deal with this specific challenge, you can make Kratom capsules on your own.

Are you looking to make capsules sitting from the comfort of your home? All you need is to buy a capsule-filling machine. It will cost you a few dollars only. The next thing you need is Kratom powder and GMO-free naturally-manufactured capsule shells.

Though preparing capsules filled with an equal amount of Kratom powder is tricky, you can do the job well with a little practice. The different sizes of capsule shells are available in the market, and the most common are “000” and “00”. Let’s look closely at how you can fill an equal amount of Kratom powder in each capsule.

Step 1: This step is all about weighing empty capsules. To get better results, try measuring multiple capsules simultaneously and divide the total weight by the capsule count.

Step 2: Before you seal a capsule, always ensure to level it off. As stated earlier, take a butter knife and place the extra powder back in the storage bowl.

Step 3: Measure the weight of a filled capsule.

Step 4: Now, subtract the weight of an empty capsule from the filled one. This way, you will know how much Kratom every capsule has.

Have you carefully followed the above-listed steps? Congratulations! You will now take a calculated dose every day to get fruitful results.

Final Words

The measurement of your Kratom dose is something you can never take for granted. To get the desired results from your favorite strains, you can measure Kratom using different methods, e.g., capsules, leveled measuring spoons, and digital measuring scales. For more details, give the above discussion a quick read.

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