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Red Malay Kratom Powder


One of the rarest Kratom strains in the world, Malay Kratom, is truly a must-try for all Kratom enthusiasts. Contrary to what the name suggests, Red Malay Kratom doesn’t grow in Malaysia as even though Malaysia is a native Kratom growing region, Kratom is illegal there.

Red Malay Kratom is grown in a narrow corridor near the Malaysian Border in Borneo, Indonesia, which is also a reason for its rarity. Since it grows near Malaysia, the Kratom grown in this corridor adopts similar properties to the rest of the Kratom grown in Malaysia. Being a potent strain due to its concentrated alkaloid count, Cali Botanicals Red Malay Kratom is sure to blow away even the experienced Kratom users.

Why opt for Cali Botanicals?

  1. Sourced directly from Borneo, the Kratom, which Cali Botanicals acquires, is authentic, and its freshness is kept protected.
  2. Tested by independent labs, the safety and purity of the Cali Botanicals Red Malay Kratom powder are guaranteed.
  3. No additives or fillers in their Kratom products and 100% pure.
  4. Alongside offering free priority shipping on all orders over $50, we also offer a full refund within 30 days if the customers are not satisfied with their Kratom product.

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