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Sumatra Red Kratom Powder


Harvested from Sumatra, Indonesia, the Sumatra Red Kratom strain is trending amongst Kratom advocates. The tropical and humid climate of the island is home to hundreds of red kratom strain trees. It is called the ‘red’ strain because of the red vein present on its leaves. Carefully handpicked from the farms of Southeast Asia, Sumatra Red Kratom is known for its calming effects.  

Purest quality kratom at the best price

Cali Botanicals is one of the few vendors that supply premium quality red kratom strains in their purest form. All our batches are manufactured under standardized harvesting and processing techniques. The finely ground and freshly packaged powder of the Sumatra Red Kratom strain is consumed and enjoyed by many kratom users. Providing one of the best quality kratoms, Cali Botanicals is committed to meeting your needs at the best price.

Why choose Cali Botanicals?

  •  We offer top-quality genuine kratom
  •  All our strains are third-party lab-tested
  •  We ensure that you will get what you pay for
  •  Sumatra Red Kratom which we supply is all-natural and pure
  •  Our company offers 100% client satisfaction

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28 Grams (1 oz), 56 Grams (2 oz), 112 Grams (4 oz), 224 Grams (8 oz), Half Kilo (500 g), Kilo (1000 g)


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