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Superior Red Dragon Kratom Caps


Superior Red Dragon Kratom strain is sourced from the Kratom plants in Thailand. The rainforests in Thailand have the perfect climatic conditions for growing Mitragyna speciosa. Cali Botanicals obtains the leaves hand-picked by the local farmers and further puts them under quality check. This enables us to bring you a final product that is 100% pure and without impurities.

Stocked only by few vendors, Superior Red Dragon Kratom strain is among the few novel strains of kratom. Cali Botanicals is a reliable vendor with a vast collection of superior red dragon kratom strain and has also formulated premium quality premeasured capsules for you. Using capsules rather than kratom powder is more convenient because the capsules avoid the problem of measuring and mess that is inevitable when using
powder. Also, capsules can save you from the bitter taste of the powder that agitates your taste buds.

Why Cali Botanicals?

  • All the products at Cali Botanicals are third-party tested and certified for purity.
  • With years of experience and expertise, we have earned the reputation of being
  • one of the few reliable vendors. You can trust and rely on us without any worry; we will not let you down! These caps are size “00” approx—.67 grams in each cap.



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