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White Lightning Kratom Powder


One popular concept gaining traction in Kratom’s world is creating unique strains of Kratom by combining different strains. One such famous creation is White Lightning Kratom, a combination of White Bali, White Maeng da, White horned, and White Borneo Kratom. These are some of the most famous Kratom strains, which are combined into one.

Maeng Da Kratom is by far the most popular strain of Kratom, and White Maeng Da Kratom is called ‘Pimp Grade’ Kratom in light of its popularity. Sourced from the Indonesian island of Bali, the White Bali Kratom, on the other hand, is comparatively less potent than the different strains in this list. Finally, the strain of Kratom, which makes White Lightning Kratom Powder stand out, is the White Horned Kratom. Even though it has a high demand, this strain is still rare and is also grown on the Island of Borneo. Since it is a relatively new strain of Kratom, farmers don’t cultivate it as much as the other strains. 

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