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The Essential Guide to the Best Kratom Strains

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Did you know that kratom in large doses kratom is a sedative, but in smaller, more of a stimulant effect? Are you looking for a guide on the different kratom strains? Not sure which is the right fit for you? In this guide, come explore how to pick out the best kratom strain for you. Read on to find out about the different strains you might not have even known existed, and why they could be just what you’re looking for!

What Is Kratom?

Kratom is from a tropical evergreen tree in Southeast Asia. You can find it in Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. It’s a member of the Rubiaceae family, the same as coffee.

Over the centuries, workers in Asia would use it as a way to decrease fatigue. There are different ways to consume kratom strains, from chewing the leaves to brewing tea.

Vein Color

You’ll notice there are different vein colors from the fermentation and drying process. While most strains begin as a red vein, over time from the sun, the color can change.

White vein gets its color from being dried inside in a cool room, and not having sun touch their leaves. Red vein kratom gets the most light to stay red. Green vein kratoms are dried in an air-conditioned room without light.

While green and white vein kratom trees can be found in the wild, they’re very rare. Most of the green and white strains started out as red.

What About the Yellow Strain?

The yellow strain can be achieved by mixing 2 colors together during the fermentation process. The red vein kratom is one of the most popular strains.

Kratom Dosage Guide

When first starting out, you always want to begin with a small dose, and see how your body responds to kratom. If you’re currently taking any medications, speak with your doctor about any possible interactions.

When first beginning, start with 1-3 grams. While you’ll experience the least effect with this amount, you can always take more later. If you, later on, choose 3-6 grams, it has a medium effect, and 6-8 grams is for the highly experienced since it’s a higher dose.

If you begin to feel nauseous then you took too much. Start with a lower amount next time. First, take 1-3 grams, and wait for about 20 minutes.

If you don’t feel anything, then you can take 1-2 grams more. Wait several hours before trying anymore kratom, especially when you’re just beginning.

1. Maeng Da

Maeng Da is one of the most potent options. It’s from the Thai Kratom tree and is a Mitragyna speciosa plant. Since Maeng Da is more potent than other strains, you won’t need as much of a concentration.

2. Bali Kratom

Bali kratom is one of the most popular strains. As its name implies, it’s from Bali. Over the years, many kratom companies only offered this strain. The leaves of Bali kratom are darker than other strains.

When you’re looking to relax and unwind, this is a top pick for many. While it doesn’t have as many alkaloids as Maeng Da, it’s still a great choice.

3. Red Vein Borneo

This strain comes from the Borneo region. This is a great choice when you’re looking to relax and experience a sedative effect.

4. Red Indo Kratom

Red Indo Kratom is from Indonesia. Kratom is often exported from Indonesia. While it’s not as relaxing as other strains, it can still offer a nice and relaxing feature.

If you’re looking to feel more alert, this strain is a good option for you. This isn’t the best option for falling asleep.

5. White Vein Thai

White Vein Thai is more of a unique option for the different strains. The White Vein comes from Thailand. You can find plenty of alkaloids in this option.

Methods to Take Kratom

If you’re not sure what the best way to take kratom is, there are plenty of options. First, you can brew kratom tea. You’ll want to boil the powder with some water for about 30 minutes.

Once it’s done, strain the powder from the liquid, and keep the powder for later use. Kratom can taste bitter, so you can add sweeteners such as milk, sugar, or honey.

Another option is to place the powder in your favorite flavored yogurt. This is a great option to hide the bitter flavor.

Another option is to take it as a capsule for more of a discreet option. They’re convenient since you can carry them with you and take them. It’s also a great way to measure your dosage.

Toss and Wash

First, measure out the amount of kratom powder you’d like to take. Take half of it, and take it with water or juice. You can also take it in teaspoon or tablespoon sizes with your drink of choice.


If you don’t like the bitter flavor of kratom, you can always hide it in your shakes. Place fruit, milk, and the kratom powder into the blender. Blend and then serve. You can treat it as a regular shake, and put anything else in it before blending.

Kratom Tips

It’s best to take kratom on an empty stomach. This will prevent you from having to take too much of a dose. Since kratom can increase dehydration(same with coffee), you’ll want to stay dehydrated during and after taking kratom.

Remember that each company will have different strains and potencies. If you try a new strain, you might require a different amount than you’re used to. Take notes of how you feel after each strain, and how much you had to take for the desired results.

Exploring the Different Kratom Strains

Now that you’ve explored the different kratom strains, you should be well on your way to deciding what’s the best option for you. Come check us out in Sacramento California or online when you’re ready to buy some of the best kratom powder and get started with trying some of the best strains out there. Check out our different products today!

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