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what is the best way to take kratom powder

What is the Best Way to Take Kratom Powder?

Cali B

Cali B

The warmth, the relaxation, the mood boost of Kratom powder is great. What isn’t great is the way Kratom powder tastes. There is no reason to avoid this wonderful herbal remedy simply because it has an unpleasant flavor.

(1) The Imbibable Method

For those seeking a way to sip down their Kratom powder, mixing Kratom powder into beverages can be the best way to go. There are many different forms that a Kratom drink can take, and which one is best depends on the tastes of the person making it. Drinking Kratom powder in a beverage is a great way to feel the effects quickly, without compromising on taste.

(2) Kratom Tea

Kratom may be known for its bitter taste, but that bitterness can also be advantageous. Take Kratom tea, a brew made with Kratom powder added to boiling water. The bitterness of Kratom creates a pleasant warm cup of tea that can be sipped on chilly days. Add some lemon and honey for a soothing glass of goodness.

(3) Kratom Milkshake

If bitterness isn’t your thing, consider the ever-popular Kratom milkshake. Mixing Kratom Powder in with your favorite ice cream and the dairy of your choice is a fantastic way to create a sweet treat. While any flavor of milkshake will work, many folks who take Kratom prefer chocolate milkshakes, as the flavor of Kratom compliments chocolate nicely.

(4) Kratom Smoothies

Like the Kratom Milkshake, smoothies that have Kratom powder blended into them are also popular for their sweet taste and for being easily consumable. The bonus of a Kratom smoothie over a milkshake is that you can add in vegetables and fresh fruits to the smoothie without compromising on taste, making it a comprehensive and nutritious way to get that Kratom kick in.

(5) Kratom Punch

For those who wish to drink their Kratom on the go, consider Kratom punch. This blend of fruit juices with Kratom Powder keeps well in the fridge and can be tossed in a water bottle for easy sipping. Adding some fresh fruit into the mix can really amp up the flavor, and help you hit your daily nutrition goals in the process.

(6) The Edible Method

If drinking Kratom powder doesn’t fit your lifestyle, consider adding Kratom powder to your favorite recipes. While there is potential for Kratom powder to be successfully added to any foods, there are some tried and true meals that are easy to prepare and delicious to boot. Remember that taking Kratom Powder by cooking it with foods will slow down the absorption and thus create a different effect.

(7) Overnight Oats 

Like protein powder, Kratom powder is a popular mix-in for the fitness food of champions, overnight oats. Simply add your Kratom powder in with yogurt, a dairy of your choosing, and some steel cut oats and let it sit! After a few hours in the fridge, you have a delicious meal that will soothe your soul. Feel free to add some chocolate chips or fresh fruit for that extra burst of sweetness.

(8) Kratom Cookies

Seeking something a little less healthy? Add Kratom powder to your favorite guilty pleasure with Kratom cookies. Oatmeal raisin, no-bake, or good old chocolate chip, the style of cookie does not matter, so long as you mix your Kratom powder in with the dry ingredients at the start. Kratom Cookies are also easy to transport. Just stick one in your lunchbox and you’re good to go.

(9) Kratom Sauce

For those who want a savory option for Kratom consumption, consider making some Kratom Sauce. You can mix Kratom powder into your favorite off the shelf pasta sauce for a quick boost for a quick meal. Alternatively, you can add Kratom powder in with fresh tomato, basil, garlic, salt, oregano, and olive oil for the delicious homemade Kratom pasta sauce of your dreams. Serve it over pasta and enjoy the savory goodness of Kratom sauce.

Another savory option for Kratom powder is to add it to a soup. Like with sauce, this can be done by adding Kratom Powder into a canned soup or a quick soup like ramen. You can also make your favorite homemade soup, with the Kratom powder being added like any other spice. Kratom Soup is popular for those who really want a slow dose over a long period of time.

(10) The Toss and Wash Method 

For some, masking Kratom powder in their favorite foods or beverages simply does not fit their lifestyles. For these Kratom purists, the toss and wash method is the way to go.

This method involves taking an appropriately dosed amount of Kratom powder and tossing it down your throat. Follow that down with a cold beverage of your choosing.

This method leads to a faster and more immediate effect from the Kratom powder, with there being no need for the system to break down the food necessary to feel those effects. There is also the added benefit of this method not adding to the caloric intake of the day, with there being no sugary foods to hide the flavor.

The downsides of the Toss and Wash method are that there is little reprieve from the bitter flavor of the Kratom powder and that the quick release of this method can be quite intense for those who are not accustomed to the effects of Kratom powder.

Ultimately, the answer lays in what you are looking for. The Imbibing method is a convenient way to hide the taste of Kratom powder while keeping it effective.

If you want a slow-release or a savory taste, try the edible method. Or, you can try the Toss and Wash method is the way to go.

No matter what, there is one shop for all of your Kratom needs. Cali Botanicals is the premiere Kratom supplier for the West Coast and beyond. Check out Cali Botanicals for the best prices on quality Kratom.

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